Erina Yamada is an Australian actor who came to me for new actor headshots.

Like all my photoshoots we discussed the type of images she was looking to get before the shoot day. I asked Erina to send me reference pictures of the type is headshots she wanted. Doing this helps me focus in on what the client is actually after – even though I know I will go beyond this on the shoot day it is nice to know what the client is expecting.

So although Erina was after outdoor headshots we also shot in-studio headshots on the same day, which she loved and ended up buying also btw.


And I just recently upgraded my studio lighting system. The light out of this new strobe and modifier is just beautiful to use. I am LOVING the experience of working with this gorgeous soft light. I can get various looks from drama to glam all from one source. yay!

Clarke_Scott_Portrait_Lifestlye_Photographer_Erina_Yamada_portrait Clarke_Scott_commerical_lifestlye_photographer_melbourne_Erina-2

After we shot for a while in the studio we ventured outside and into the streets around my Abbotsford photography studio.

Portraits_of_Melbourne_Actor_ Headshots_Erina_Yamada

We got various shots at various locations, and even had the chance to shoot something that was more like lifestyle pictures like the ones below.

On a side note…as a director myself I like it when I can see more than just headshots when casting people for my film work. By shooting lifestyle at the same time as your headshots you are giving futures directors you may work with more of an idea of who you are. I think people should do more of this. And it can be fun too.

Clarke_Scott_commerical_lifestlye_photographer_melbourne_Erina Clarke_Scott_Portrait_Lifestlye_Photographer_Erina_Yamada_portrait-3

I also got the chance to do something I do not always have the time to do. This laneway shot below is actually a stitched image. That is, it is created by taking (I think we did) 12 images of both Erina and the environment and “stitching” them together in post-production. I love the aesthetic of these images. Super wide and yet super shallow depth of field. It almost has a medium format feel to the image.


So while Erina originally spoke about wanting out-door headshots she ended up buying both studio and stitched images as well. This is the benefit of the new pricing structure imo as it allows us more time and scope to collaborate and create something beyond what you thought was possible. Sometime this works, like it did for Erina, and sometimes not. But better we try….I reckon.