Alison Martin is an actor that came to me because her agent wanted new headshots that better presented her and her age.

Portraits_of_Melbourne__Headshots_Alison_Martin Portraits_of_Melbourne__Headshots_Alison_Martin-5

So we did a range of both studio and on-location and a range of emotions for her agent from serious to smiley.

Portraits_of_Melbourne__Headshots_Alison_Martin-2 Portraits_of_Melbourne__Headshots_Alison_Martin-4

She had little idea what she wants but had clearly explained to me what the agent had asked for. Indeed her agent was involved in the process of choosing her images for her.

Essentially what we did was that I selected 30 of the best images and uploaded these to dropbox as very low-res for Alison and her agent to view. She then came back to me with the images she wanted to purchase and I retouched these for her. All this within days. Happy client! :)