Connection Session with Shirene & Zac

As a Melbourne Wedding Photographer this is a busy time of the year as there are a lot of married getting engaged and so I am meeting and photographing lots of newly engaged couples. That also means lots of flies and heat. the day I shot Shirene and Zac it was one of those days! And worse it was one of those days in Melbourne where the wind was coming from the north..yuck! Still…we got their guys. 

We met in Grade 3, I (Shirene) wrote Zac a love letter on behalf of my best friend, Zac thought my handwriting was so neat and complimented me – the rest is history! In 2004 aged 14 & 16 we fell for each other all over again. We spent the next 6 years more in love than two young people should. We survived 12 months living in opposite ends of the country while in high school, and then ended up living together in My parents house throughout year 12 in 2007. After 18months of being separated in 2011, we ran into each other at University and sparks flew yet again. Since the beginning of 2013 we have been inseparable and continued to grow and fall more in love. We got engaged on June 5th this year, and I will be Mrs Griffiths on the 25th of February 2017.

Here’s what happened. 

Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-1Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-3Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-4 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-5  Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-7 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-8  Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-10 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-11  Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-13
Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-14 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-15
Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-16Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-17Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-19 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-20

Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-21 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-22

Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-23Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-24 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-25 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-26  

Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-28Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-29 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-30 Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-31  Portraits-Of-Melbourne-Wedding-Photography-Shirene-Zac-33