Ezel Doruk is an actor who came to me for a portrait to use on a poster he was designing for his upcoming Adelaide Fringe festival one-man show as well as acting headshots he could use more generally.

I shot this on the Sony A7s as my Canon 5dmkiii was in the shop for repair. I think this was shot mostly on the Sigma 50 f1.4 As for the lighting setups…this was shot in all natural light. My studio has large bay windows and has the most gorgeous light from morning to night.

Ezel was looking for something natural and light. So I sat him in front of the windows and draped sheer curtains over the windows to soften the light and away we went! If you’re in Adelaide for the festival be sure to check him out.

At first we had lots of fun coming up with some silly poses for the poster. I basically let him do his thing and I directed Ezel just to keep him focused.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-15 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-16 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-17

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-19 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-20 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-21

He was adding all kinds of graphics elements to the image for the poster and in the end he choose the one below.


After this we talked for a bit as I shot some documentary style images. It was a good chance to relax. Take a break. But at the same time continue with the shoot.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-2 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-3

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-4 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-5 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Ezel_Doruk-6

When I see images of people regardless of if it is my work or not, I want to see real people being themselves because there is something wonderful about this. I want to feel their lives through the image. I am, therefore,  always searching for those authentic moments where someone is truly being themselves. And I always allow people to be themselves whomever it is without judgement. I see that in the above six black and white images of Ezel.

From there we went to more of a formal headshots but with an extreme shallow depth of field to the image as in the image below. I get this by shooting a stitched portrait. That is, I shoot multiple images of the subject and stitch them together in post.


It was a great headshot photoshoot and I was pleased with the results.