The human face is an amazing thing. We all have one. They are all the same and yet utterly unique. And I believe this is true because I believe that very moment. Every moment of joy and happiness; of pain and sorrow, has been etched into our faces like a map of our personal history and is warn like a mask.

So I’m trying to capture the essence of how we are. Not who we are. But how we are. Be it in a fleeting moment on the streets of Melbourne, or on a highly stylised portrait shoot in all my work and indeed my own life, the search is always for what it means to be. And I believe these manifest in those rare and raw moments of vulnerability where we see through the mask we present to the world and into the essence of being. I cannot explain it really. At least not with words. for it’s something that I feel. and I see it when I feel it.

I’m Clarke Scott. And I’m a photographer.