Kids in Suits – Why I Love This Wedding Photo

As a wedding photographer in Melbourne with a focus on combining fine-art and documentary (sometimes referred to as candid wedding photography) whenever possible I love the balance of beautiful images that tell a story. I love this wedding photo because there are in fact two stories in this one picture but the shallow depth of field obfuscates this just a little. 

The first and most obvious is the young boy standing right in front of me. He is a curious little kid. Very friendly and not shy of the camera at all. He actually walked over to me as if he wanted his photo taken. The kid was having a lot of fun during his mums wedding. Great kid! 

The second story is what is going on in the background. The bride, and mum of the little boy in the suit, is having her dress fixed by a bridesmaid, who in turn is having her dress fixed by the mother of the bride. All of this was happening in the female change rooms at the Cranbourne Golf Club.

I had no idea we were in fact in the girls change room until the little guy says to me in a whisper just after taking this photo… “Clarke….we are in the girls dunny!” 

Young boy smiling at photographer during a wedding


Technical Details
Camera – Canon 5dmkiv
Lens: Sigma Art 50 f1.4
ISO: 1000
Exposure: 1/250  @ f1.4

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