A bride being congratulated by guests in a DIY backyard wedding in Melbourne

As  Melbourne Wedding Photographer shooting candid wedding photography in Melbourne I am always looking for moments. Real moments with real people doing real things. More often than not this is what people want in a wedding photographer. That plus an ability to make them look as beautiful as possible. If a photographer can do both and capture the story of the day, which is not simply about clicking a shutter but also positioning themselves in the right place at the right time in order to create the context of the story, then you will get great wedding photos. 

This is what I am always striving to do with my wedding photography. To be in the right place at the right time in order to capture those real moments from your wedding. 

Layering photos gives pictures a depth. Photography, remember is a 2d medium. But with something in the foreground, middle and background of an image you get depth to the image. It also gives a context to the picture  and this context tells a story. 

I love this wedding photo because it gives someone a sense of what the wedding was like. See it was a backyard wedding in a small backyard. There was not a lot of room. And a lot of the guests had cameras and were also taking photos. the theme of the wedding was tropical. 

A Brides being congratulated by guests at a DIY Wedding in Melbourne