Margarita Larraga is a actor and came to me for new headshots. I shot her both in the studio with a bit of an editorial fashion vibe as a way to relax her and then outdoors for the actor headshots.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Margarita_Larraga-5 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Margarita_Larraga-9

The second headshot above is my fav from the session. We had been shoot for over an hour by this stage and even though she was super chill from the start it took until now for Marga is get her groove on.

But first some studio shots. The below image was a test shot. And already I could see that was excited and relaxed to be front of my camera. Love this. Makes my job a little easier.


I do love shooting in the studio with the wind machine! It adds a sense of motion and drama. Everyone love it but they are not strictly speaking headshots – more of a portrait thing and this is ok.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Margarita_Larraga-3 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Margarita_Larraga-4

Back to the outdoor headshots. We created a number of different expression in order to give Marga a variety of looks in order to show casting directors and directors versatility. We spoke about these before hand we begun the shoot, so I had an idea of what type of role Marga was getting.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Margarita_Larraga-6 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Margarita_Larraga-7


These two shots show just how different you can make yourself appear just through posture and expression. It’s not just about smiling on not. Look at her lips and hand position.


But given the differences posing and expression can make to your headshoot what’s important to notice here is the fact that you really need to understand who you are as a performer in order to understand the best expressions for you. Have an idea of your brand (horrible word I know) so that we can work together to enhance it. Honestly it makes no sense to work against your natural gifts. Instead understand them and work with them to create something real.

If in doubt we can always talk about it as we shoot. This is exactly what I do with everyone I shoot.