Duy Huynh is an entrepreneur and owner of a chain of street food restaurants around Melbourne and also an actor. Duy came to me for both corporate as well as acting headshots that he would send to his agent.

Again we started in the studio and ended on the streets around the studio to get natural light headshots.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Corporate_Headshots_Duy_Huynh-2 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Corporate_Headshots_Duy_Huynh-4

Like a lot of actors and corporates Duy was not comfortable in front of my camera at first. You’d think that actors would be comfortable but in my experience this is not the case.


And it is my job to make a client comfortable. This can be a process but when someone, as Duy did, places trust in me to get great shots then we do.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Corporate_Headshots_Duy_Huynh-8 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Corporate_Headshots_Duy_Huynh-14

the below image is very tense. This was done for his acting. It’s Duy’s “Tony Chueng” poster shot.


Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Corporate_Headshots_Duy_Huynh-18 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Corporate_Headshots_Duy_Huynh-20

We had a good shoot. Lucked out with the weather – a beautiful sunny Winter day.

Duy said this as we finished up….”I’ve never been comfortable in front of a camera but that was fun!” I do like hearing this.