I shot promotional headshot portraits for the production of the play Tape recently. Producer actor Michael Mack, whom I’ve shot headshots before, came to me asking for photos to help promote the play. This is what we did.

(See the TAPE website for more details and do yourself a favour and go see the play! )


Besides being a stage play it was also made into a film by one of my filmmaking heroes, Richard Linklater back in 2001.

See imdb for more details on the film.

Not only did we shoot individual headshots for the production but we also storyboarded the plot points and translated these into photographs.


Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-3 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-4

The film is about the shifting dynamics of a relationship between three people. We decided to show this with various positions changes.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-5 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-6

As the dynamic of the relationship changes so do position and poses of the people in the headshots themselves.

Character personality and arch is also there in those images.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-7 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-8 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-9 Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Michael_Mack_Play_Tape-10

All in all it was a super fun shoot with a great result.