Sarah Hallam is a well-known actor and casting director, and just a lovely human being.  I first met her when we chatted over coffee about a role I was casting for my feature film, A Thousand Moments Later.

I shot both Sarah and her son Khye Skoda for actors headshots on the same day.  The day was almost too hot and bright to shoot. So we walked quite a bit to find suitable locations for her. Sarah has blue eyes – as do I – and like anyone that has blue eyes (or knows someone with them) bright light can be very painful. Suffice it to say, Sarah was just brilliant as working in super harsh lighting conditions.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Sarah_Hallam-4  Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Sarah_Hallam-22

I love this first shot. There is a openness in her face that really engages me when I see it.


And I love the contrast of Sarah’s complication and the background. on the above images.

From there we moved around trying to find some shade.

Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Sarah_Hallam-6  Portraits_Of_Melbourne_Headshots_Melbourne_Sarah_Hallam-12

We also did a series of in studio shots. I think she looks a little like Meryl Streep in that first studio picture.


There is a strength in the above image. The way Sarah has her head to one side and hand on hip as if waiting for something.